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Cooper's Memorial
Cooper ~ 27 September 2022

Cooper was unbelievable...a handsome fellow with such a great personality. We shared a really great ten years together and we're happy to have him in our lives. Cooper was a really great dog and is so missed by our family.

~ Adopted, Loved and Dearly Missed by the Dickman family

Beamer's Memorial
Beamer ~ 1 August 2022

We could not have asked for a better boy than Beamer (formerly Boomer) ~ He was perfect and so very loved. We miss him so much and can't imagine waking up tomorrow without him. We are Thankful we were given the opportunity to love him.

~ Adopted, Loved and Dearly Missed by the Panian family

Madison's Memorial
Madison aka "Maddy" ~ June 2022

Sweet Madison enjoyed the sunshine and her daily walk with her granddad (her favorite thing). She was was loved her most for 12 wonderful years and will be dearly missed.

~ Adopted and Forever Loved by Richard and Patricia Z.

Rylie's Memorial
Rylie ~ June 15, 2022

Rylie was an incredible and beautiful golden
on the outside and the inside!

We were best buds ~ we hiked, biked, camped, paddle boarded, kayaked, did some agility and treiball. She was so sweet and loved car rides and all people, her joy was contagious! She was also a therapy dog.

~ Greatly Loved and Missed by Christine

Harys' Memorial
Harys (Harry for 'short') ~ June 10, 2022

My heart has a huge void in it as she was with me for SO long! Harys was a SUPER wonderful girl! She loved life and everyone around her! She and Truman, my other male golden, were the best of friends and we mourned together when he passed in 2015 at the ripe old age of just over 15.

Harry LOVED the beach ~ snow ~ a ball ~ And a little electric hamster that repeated anything she said back to her with her barking at this little toy and it barking back at her was indeed a very humorous thing to witness. (Oh, and socks. Yep...she managed to grab and swallow a sock one time, ending up in surgery at the ripe old age of 11).

Before going to Rainbow Bridge, Harry went on one more trip to her favorite local places. She got to play in a creek for hours and took a trip to her favorite park near us where she could just stick her nose in the air and smell the familiarity of a place that used to be such a big part of our lives when Truman was still alive. She had a wonderful life, was WELL loved and taken care of, and I miss her like crazy.


~ Deeply Loved and Missed by Libby

Lexi's Memorial
Lexi ~ June 10, 2022

Lexi was a wonderful girl...always there for you, anxious to see you when you got home, always near where you were, and friendly to everyone including other dogs. She was the sweetest dog. We never heard her growl. Lexi would like to pull when she was on the leash, but, when our grandchildren walked her at ages five and six, she seemed to know that she shouldn't pull and never did. She loved to lay in front of the fireplace.

Lexi was our smallest Golden and, thankfully, one of the longest lived. She is our ninth Golden Retriever and only two others lived to be 13 as she did. She loved to be with Casey, our other Golden, and they were always together and good friends.

Lexi had a special place in our hearts...and will forever!

~ Greatly loved and missed by Barb, Jim, and Michael

Teddy Bear's Memorial
Teddy Bear ~ June 10, 2022

Teddy (and Panda) came to us when their owner passed away. They were big, aloof, hairy, and a challenge....their Great Pyr DNA was obvious. Over the years, they settled in with us...loved their big soft beds...loved being inside much more than outdoors...loved their treats...and we loved them. Teddy tolerated being petted and caressed...Panda never did. We miss them both...they were a big part of this rescue for a very long time. Run free dear Bears......

~ Love and missed by Carol

Benji's Memorial
Benji ~ February 18, 2022

Benji was an onery little fellow. One of his favorite pastimes was biting feet, which he did manage to grab a couple of times. He and his quirks will be missed. Like all our rescues he holds a special place in my heart. Run free little fellow....

~ Loved and Missed by Carol



Bo ~ January 14, 2022

We are thankful our precious Bo was brought into our lives. He lived a wonderful life with us for the last 5 years. He was an excellent companion and will be greatly missed.

~ Adopted, Loved and Dearly missed by the Candelaria Family

Laddie's Memorial

Laddie ~ October 31, 2021

Laddie was the most amazing friend I've ever had the honor to having and will treasure every moment spent with him. His love radiated every inch of this earth like the sun. We had many wonderful years together spending time playing, taking walks and he even joined me at work several days of the week. Our bond was something that felt like it always was and always would be, it was simply meant to be.

Laddie you are so missed everyday and I look forward to the day I meet you again in heaven because you are getting the biggest hug and I'm never letting go. I love you beyond what words could ever describe. Until we meet again my sweet baby boy enjoy the rainbow bridge and please wait for me there.

~ Adopted, Loved and Dearly Missed by Ryan

Linus' Memorial
Linus ~ March 27, 2021

Linus, it was a long, heartbreaking ride home and ...
it is a very sad and empty house without you here at home with us.

~ Adopted, Loved and
Greatly Missed by Charlie and Jan

Angel's Memorial
Angel ~ December 27, 2021

Angel enjoys a beautiful dayAngel loved the snow and loved to dig in my flower gardens when she got the chance. And oh boy was she a talker if I ever did see a golden who talked!!!!! She brought great joy into my life and I am forever grateful for having her in my life.

Angel enjoys the snowLosing my darling Angel to a very aggressive form of cancer just before Christmas... happened so suddenly. I was heartbroken. Angel, please know I loved you with every breath I took and will love you as long as I live.

~ Adopted, Loved and Deeply missed by Cindy

Panda Bear ~ August 30, 2021

You parted so quickly without warning. I wish we had time to say our goodbyes. You will be sorely missed Panda Bear.

~ Loved and Missed by Carol

Riley's Memorial
Riley aka Wrigley ~ July 14, 2021

Riley was a wonderful dog for the 12 1/2 years we had together. He faithfully patrolled the backyard, announced visitors, broke up fights between the cats, fetched me when the babies (now kids) were crying, sat with me on the long nights the kids were sick or just not sleeping, and kept my feet warm. He was also my "get out of jail free card" for years. Oh, the kids are fussy? Sorry, have to walk the dog. Every day, I could get away by myself. Well, without children anyway.

I'm so thankful we adopted him. He was a wonderful friend and family dog.

~ Loved and Greatly missed by Amy & Family

Goliath's Memorial
Goliath ~ July 13, 2021

Goliath stood in the back of our SUV the whole 2 1/2 hour drive home the day we adopted him. When we got home and were getting ready to introduce him to Elsie, Goliath started whimpering to get out of the truck to meet her...she was a bit hesitant.

Once he became at ease with his new home of people and a younger female, Maremma, he took on a more discerning deep bark and I knew to pay attention when he barked (Elsie barks a lot more).

Even though he was quieter in his last few months, the house seems sadly quiet without him around. Our time with our sweet Goliath was not long enough.

~ Loved &Dearly Missed by
the Markle Family

Makenzie's Memorial
Makenzie aka Kenzie ~ July 1, 2021

Makenzie blessed our lives for many years with her sweet and loving nature. We will miss our darling girl so very much.

~ Dearly Loved and Missed by Rick & Julie

Maggie's Memorial
Maggie ~ April 6, 2021

We spent 10 wonderful years with our happy girl. She was absolutely the best! We will truly miss our sweet, adorable and happy Maggie girl.


~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by the Cantor Family

Henry's Memorial
Henry ~ March 21, 2021

Henry was so full of life and we loved him so much. He gave me such a gift and out of all my pets, we shared an incredible bond over the last few months.

The day before he passed we went to ocean city and we think it may have been the first time he has ever seen the ocean.

Our hearts feel so broken. We loved him so much. He gave us the best gift and we miss him with all of our hearts.

Thank you for sharing him with us. He has changed our lives and for that we are so grateful.

~ Loved & Deeply Missed by
Joan and David

Jake's Memorial
Freedom ~ March 2021

From the first time we met Freedom, he was endearing and there was an instant connection between him and our family. We'll miss watching you patiently stand by as you waited for the cat to finish her food you could lick the bowl. You were always respectful to people and other animals.

Freedom was very gentle and had a kind warm heart and we're sure he's in doggie heaven with our previous dog Blue. We told him to say hi to Blue for us.

He loved our family and we all loved him. He will always be remembered and dearly missed.

Thank You for another pet Almost Heaven.

~ Adopted, Love, & Greatly Missed by the Palffy Family

Bleu's Memorial
Bleu ~ February 17, 2021

Sadly, while our time together was short, we took care of each other and loved each other. You were quirky, brave, loyal and handsome.

Bleu went through a lot in his life, but remained a sweet and endearing. He taught me to persevere despite hardship and to take each day as it comes.

As signs of spring appear, my sadness is almost unbearable, only soothed by knowing you could not fight much longer. I will miss him.

Bleu's Memorial Thank you, Carol, for matching Bleu with me. It was a match made in heaven. Bleu's Memorial

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Barbara P.

Jake's Memorial
Jake ~ January 3, 2021

Jake was suppose to be transported to AHGRR, and once we met him...he had a new home. How can you not love a dog who runs to greet you the first time and puts his paws on your shoulders?

Jake was a very special part of our family sharing time with our first rescue, Morgan, and now, our sweet girl, Gypsy.

We miss you, Jake, and our long walks, sharing the bed, your barks from the front porch when someone was walking on "our sidewalk", and your joining us when dinner was served. We are thankful and blessed for the time you were with us, but relieved that you are no longer in pain and now running free.

We are so sad you are no longer with us and we will all miss your carefree spirit.

~ Love Linda & Bob H.


Gunner's Memorial


Gunner's Memorial
Gunner ~ January 17, 2021


Gunner's Memorial

It is with great sadness that AH alumni Gunner passed away with his family by his side. He lived a great life and was undoubtedly the greatest dog we've ever had. His greatest joy was being in the pool. He was always the first one in as the cover was being taken off and the last one out, even into the fall. He swam or sat in the water, surveying his kingdom, every day.

With heavy hearts, The Taggart Family Gunner's Memorial

Zoey's Memorial
Zoey ~ December 27, 2021

Zoey was the epitome of "golden retriever" when playing fetch or tug with a ball. We will never know what her young life was truly like that formed her total distrust of people....but she taught us a lot and we will always remember our years with her.

~ Loved and Dearly missed by Carol

Daniel's Memorial
Daniel ~ November 21, 2020

We overcame a lot together....but we couldn't beat father time who took away your ability to walk. Run free now, Daniel. You have left a grand canyon sized hole in this old heart of mine.

~ Loved & Greatly Missed by Carol

Baron's Memorial
Baron ~ November 18, 2020

Hoping Rainbow Bridge has mounds of dirt to dig holes in and lots of scents for you to track....

You are very missed and will never be forgotten.

~ Deeply Loved & Missed by Carol

Daisy's Memorial
Daisy ~ October 20, 2020

Daisy was a joy and a great addition to our family!

She is very missed and will never be forgotten.

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Donna & Family

Dixie's Memorial
Dixie ~ September 2020

In loving memory of Dixie - the gentlest, sweetest, happiest, pup we've ever had.

~ Adopted, Greatly Missed & Loved by the Peterson's

Aggie's Memorial
Agnes "Aggie" ~ September 24, 2020

When you first arrived, we thought you would only be with us 6 months, but we were determined to make it the best 6 months of your life! But your spirit for life was amazing, you kept going and going. You loved going out in the yard, you'd find the only patch of dirt, get down and roll and roll. Later, you could only rub your head in the grass, but came in every morning looking like you had hair gel on. You were a silly character and loved your "night-night" cookies (some nights wrangling about 4 from me) and following me around until you finally trained me to go to the closet and get them for you. You were our baby and we miss you terribly.

~ Adopted and Dearly Loved by the Williamson's

Miss Shiloh's Memorial
Miss Shiloh ~ August 31, 2020

She was the sweetest girl, and just wanted to be loved. She couldn't really run, but when she was happy she would do a little hopping dance, hopping up and down on her front legs. She was a happy sweet girl who learned cats rule the house, but they were cozy to sleep with. These last 2 years she couldn't use steps but that didn't stop her from enjoying life standing on the deck guarding 'her street' and barking at vultures that show up on trash day in the neighborhood.

She was a little lady up to the very end and such a rich blessing in our lives. Thank you for seeing her shining gold all those years ago.

She and Mr Shadow both enriched our lives for so many years (he was 10 1/2 when we adopted him from you, and lived to age 17). She is now running and romping with Mr. Shadow and herding all the other dogs. Thank you for creating so much happiness and love in this world.

Mr. Shadow

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Sherry & Richard

Jack's Memorial
Jack ~ July 8, 2020

You were a very special part of our lives for many years. You will be greatly missed by all, especially us!

~ Adopted and Dearly Loved by Julie & CJ

Angel Baby's Memorial
Angel Baby ~ June 2020

Rest in Peace sweet Angel Baby.

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Margaret B.

Colby's Memorial
Colby ~ June 2020

At 16 1/2 years old Colby passed away at our cottage, two feet from the shore of the lake with his favorite toy by his side. You were a stereotypical golden - eager to please, loved to play, and happy, happy, happy! We miss you beyond words, but it helps knowing what a happy, long, and full life you lived - loved by all! Thank you for coming into our lives and the next dog we rescue will be another golden to honor your place in the pack!

Colby~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by Eric & David

Sprocket's Memorial
Sprocket ~ June 11, 2020

Sprocket you will be missed more than words...
you run free. You're on your next big adventure❣
Until we meet again♡ ♡ ♡

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Love John & Barb


Cody's Memorial
Cody ~ May 1, 2020

You've been with Almost Heaven a long time, sweet Cody. It was heartbreaking having to say goodbye to you. It's so hard to believe you're gone. You were much loved by everyone here and your smiling face will be greatly missed.

Run free, dear Cody ~

 See you at the Bridge.

~ Deeply Loved & Missed by Carol

Duke's Memorial
Duke ~ April 2020

Duke was a beautiful, gentle golden retriever and a best friend. He enjoyed being outside and was a chatty boy who loved to be a part of the conversation! He is missed everyday and will always be in our hearts.

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Judy & Peter D.

Sadie's Memorial
Sadie ~ April 22, 2020

Sadie was a good dog. When we fostered her, she was the only dog my husband asked if we could keep since they bonded on the first day. She loved my husband beyond measure and never left his side. Sadie tried to protect her family from all the animals on TV. I think she thought the TV was a window to outside and they were going to come into the house. Sadie always waited with her head on the window of the door keeping watch for when we returned home. She was always happy in the morning when we woke up and got so excited. Sadie will be greatly missed. We are thankful we got to have her in our lives and glad we did the Chemo since it gave us extra time.

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Juanita & TJ

Ralphie's Memorial
Ralphie ~ March 26, 2020

You were always a happy, tail wagging pup. Boy you left one heck of an imprint on our hearts!!

~ Adopted, Loved & Deeply Missed by the Truiett Family

Bella's Memorial
Bella ~ March 12, 2020

Young BellaThe house is all of sudden bigger and not nearly as warm. We will miss you greatly but bid a "See ya later good girl" to the sweetest puppy girl ever. You made all of our lives vastly better. Hope you are having fun with your brothers: Yogi, Mobley & Beau.

~ Adopted, Loved & Greatly Missed by Williams Family

Harvey's Memorial
Harvey ~ March 7, 2020

My friend of 14 years had the life of a king and has left the largest hole in my heart.

~ Adopted, Loved & Dearly Missed by Deb

Aggie's Memorial
Agatha aka Aggie ~ January 25, 2020

Everyone who met Aggie fell in love with this sweet, gentle soul who deserved so much better and so much more in life.

~ Loved & Missed by Carol

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